Catalog Sheets

Below is a list of our product literature.  Click the link to view the literature.  Part numbers can be used to order packs of literature from our customer service department.

Literature Part Number Description
9090013 Full Line Catalog
9091002 Tool and Accessory Catalog
9090034 Warranty Policy
Automatic Scrubbers
9091831 eForce Scrubber, Ride-on Scrubber
9097601 Champ 2929/3329/3529, Ride-on Scrubber
9097604 Champ 2417, Micro Ride-On Scrubber
9092701 Wrangler 2730/3330, Walk-behind Scrubber
9092601 Wrangler 2625, Walk-Behind Scrubber
9092604 Wrangler 2616, Walk-Behind Scrubber
9092370 Wrangler 2016 AB/DB/AE, Walk-Behind Scrubber
9092011 Wrangler 2012 AB/DB, Walk-Behind Scrubber
9091200 Wrangler 1503 AB/AE, Micro Walk-Behind Scrubber
9092752 eForce Burnisher, Ride-on Burnisher
9092734 Charger 2717 AB/DB, Walk-Behind Battery Burnisher
9096411 Charger 2022 DB, Walk-Behind Battery Burnisher
9097808 Charger 2022 ABLT, Walk-Behind Battery Burnisher
9095221 Charger 2500, Corded Burnisher
9095211 Charger 1500, Corded Burnisher
9095921 Mustang 1500, Corded Burnisher
9090314 Galaxy 1500, Corded Burnisher
Floor Machines
9095411 Maverick 300, Variable Speed Floor Machine
9095001 Thoroughbred 17/20/Weights, Heavy-Duty Floor Machine
9095901 Mustang 17/20/DS, Standard and Dual Speed Floor Machine
9090314 Galaxy 17/20/DS, Standard and Dual Speed Floor Machine
9097181 Manta 34 RS, Ride-on Sweeper
9096229 Sidewinder 27 MB, Battery Powered Walk-Behind Sweeper
9097111 Sidewinder 30, Manual Push Sweeper
Wet/Dry Vacuums
9091801 BP Ranger 1250S/1450P, Heavy-Duty Wet/Dry Vacuum
9090821 Colt 1050P/1250S/1450P Wet/Dry Vacuums
9097809 Alpha 4/8/16/24, Wet/Dry Vacuum
Carpet Vacuums
9091011 Model M-1, Portable Vacuum Cleaner
9093101 Pacer 30, Wide Area Vacuum
9094830 Pacer 12/15 UE, Upright Vacuum
9096911 Outlaw PB, Battery Powered Backpack Vacuum
9096704 Swiftvac 6, Corded Backpack Vacuum
Carpet Extractors
9094901 Pony 20 SCA, Wide Area Self-Contained Carpet Extractor
9094801 Stallion 818 SC, Self-Contained Carpet Extractor
9094080 Rally 55/55H, Portable Carpet Spotter
9094081 Rally 220/220H/500H, Tank Extractors
9094802 Rally 1200, Tile and Grout Restoration Machine / Carpet Extractor
9094702 Aero Plus, Carpet Dryer / Air Mover
Use and Care DVDs
9090117 Champ 2929 Ride-On Scrubber Use and Care DVD
9090118 Champ 3329/3529 Ride-On Scrubber Use and Care DVD
9090141 Wrangler 2016 Walk-Behind Scrubber Use and Care DVD
9092733 Wrangler 2730/3330 Walk-Behind Scrubber Use and Care DVD
9092733 Charger Battery Burnisher Use and Care DVD
Literature Binders
9090069 Product Literature Binder. A binder of one of each sell sheet.
9090089 Service Technician Binder. A binder with most operation and parts manuals.
Maintenance Posters
9097821 Wrangler 1503 Maintenance Poster
9091701 Wrangler 2625/2730/3330 Maintenance Poster
9092732 Charger 2717 DB Maintenance Poster, English
9092732 Charger 2717 DB Maintenance Poster, Spanish
9694911 Pacer 12/15 Maintenance Poster, English and Spanish
Reference Charts
Battery Compartment and Battery Size Chart


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