How to Develop an Electro-Mist 4B Electrostatic Spraying Program

Today, surface disinfection is at the core of every successful cleaning program. Wondering where to start? It’s all about having the right approach. Here are some tips for developing a surface disinfection program with maximum results.

Design and document your process

Simplify employee training by developing and implementing a tailored disinfection process. The most successful procedures include these topics:

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Keep your employees healthy and productive by documenting safety-related equipment and procedures.
  • Identify the targets of your disinfection process. A well-designed disinfection process explicitly identifies target surfaces and frequencies for disinfection. Providing a disinfection chemical and sprayer with a well-defined list of target surfaces and frequencies ensures overall efficiency, reduces cleaning time, and guarantees critical surfaces are addressed.
  • Identify the right method for disinfection. The Electro-Mist 4B sprays an even chemical layer on surfaces when used from about two to four feet away. However, spraying an even layer of disinfectant which evaporates before the desired contact time is a wasted effort. To properly train employees in disinfection, your training process must verify the disinfectant layer remains visibly wet for the required contact time.
  • Your cleaning quality assurance procedure may need to change. For many other cleaning processes, there are no time-sensitive elements. An auditor can inspect an area after the crew leaves and determine the crew’s effectiveness. However, with disinfection, the auditor must be present during the disinfectant’s application to verify the proper contact time.

Remember equipment maintenance

Keep the Electro-Mist 4B in top condition by performing a few tasks daily.

  • Check the strainer filter on the back of the machine. If it is visibly dirty, clean it.
  • Rinse out the Electro-Mist 4B at the end of each shift. Disinfectant chemicals have the potential to leave behind a residue if allowed to dwell in the sprayer. To rinse the Electro-Mist 4B, drain the remaining disinfectant from the solution tank using the machine’s front valve. Dispose or store any residual disinfectant solution according to the chemical manufacturer’s instructions and local and federal requirements. Fill the Electro-Mist 4B with about a gallon of water and spray the wand to purge the solution line. Spray for one minute to clear the nine-foot hose or five minutes to clear the 50-foot hose. Drain the remaining water from the front valve and allow the solution tank to air dry.
  • Fully recharge the battery each day. Allow up to twelve hours to recharge a fully depleted battery.

Keep learning about the Electro-Mist 4B

Your local NSS distributor is your best source for insights on the Electro-Mist 4B. NSS also has representatives throughout North America to answer questions and provide additional information. If you would like someone to contact you fill out this form and one of our cleaning experts will be in touch.

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