Sustainable Cultivation Applicator

  • Less waste…60% reduction in product sprayed!
  • Improved coverage and mobility
  • Healthier plants with higher yields
  • 3 Stage filtration, eliminates clogs!
  • Cordless – Up to a 10 hour battery run time with a 50 foot hose
  • Plus…the industry BEST 3-Year Warranty using a reliable National Service Network

Grow Better with help from our Sustainable Cultivation Advisors and a NATIONAL Service Network. With an industry BEST 3-year warranty, eStaticMist can be serviced by over 450 licensed service centers. 

Never stop Growing.

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eStaticMist creates a fine mist of charged droplets which evenly coats foliage. The charged droplets will move upwards against gravity and wrap around plants, improving plant coating and consistency. Conserve your foliar products, save water and reduce waste. With 10 hours of run time, spray up to 5 acres of surface area without stopping. Never stop growing.

eStaticMist uses an In-Tank agitator. Add to your foliar application plan with improved coverage, reduced over spray, and increased overall plant health. 

eStaticMist includes large 10″ pneumatic wheels for proper mobility over uneven terrain. eStaticMist also incudes 50′ hose for max coverage. Spray up to 12 gallons per charge. This equates to 5 acres of surface spraying (220,000 square feet). Never stop growing.

eStaticMist, a division of NSS Enterprises

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Toledo, OH 43607-2958 USA 

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Grow Better with eStaticMist

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