Colt 1250 S

12.5 Gallon Stainless Wet/Dry Vacuum, Optional HEPA and Squeegee

Demanding jobs require durable and versatile equipment. Whether cleaning up a job site, stripping floors or dealing with flooded areas, Colt Wet/Dry Vacuums with optional HEPA can get the job done.

Stainless steel tanks are non-porous and are easier to disinfect than polyethylene tanks.  The Colt 1250 stainless vacuum with HEPA is a perfect tool for cleaning up after large area disinfection.

Tip disposal feature. Colt 1250 S and Colt 1450 P vacuums have a pivot on the base allowing them to be dumped into any drain, up to toilet height.

Optional front mount squeegee. Colts are available with a 27-inch straight squeegee to boost productivity in large-area wet pick-up.

For improved air quality during dry use, the Colt 1250 S can be purchased with a HEPA filter. When equipped with the HEPA filter, the Colt 1250 S will capture 99.97% of particles at 0.3 microns. HEPA can be added to a Colt Wet/Dry Vacuum by purchasing a HEPA replacement power head assembly.


Capacity: 12.5 gallons (47 L)

Sound Level: 62 dBA



Shop Vacuum Squeegee

Front Mount Squeegee

Add a front mount squeegee for large area liquid recovery.  Recovers liquid up to four times faster than a hose and squeegee tool.  Ideal when stripping large areas or drying flooded floors.

Heavy Duty Shop Vacuum Tools

Custom Tool Kits

NSS has over 25 tool kits designed to meet different needs.  Wet or dry, for ceilings, walls, or floors, we have the right kit to help you get your job done more easily, quickly, and safely.

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