Model M-1 "Pig"

Heavy Duty Canister Vacuum Cleaner, Large Bag

The Model M-1 “PIG”® is the powerhouse vacuum that cleans anything from floor to ceiling. Customize the Model M-1 to your application with a wide variety of tools and wands. This is one vacuum that does it all—
hard floors, carpet, furniture, fixtures, curtains, HVAC vents, walls, ceilings and skylights.

Vacuum almost anything. The Model M-1 has an innovative design that prevents the vacuum from sticking to surfaces. We call it Automatic Variable Suction. This is a unique feature not found in most canister type vacuums.

Extreme durability. Machined from high quality materials and warranted for 7 years, the M-1 pays for itself quickly through low maintenance and repairs.

Highly productive. With the Model M-1 heavy duty canister vacuum’s light weight wand and 10’ hose, your staff can clean faster than an upright vacuum. Case in point, the 16-inch carpet tool can clean 20% faster than a standard upright vacuum.

Blower feature. Simply replace the filter bag with the hose and the Model M-1 changes from a canister vacuum to a powerful blower.


Bag Capacity: 48 quarts (53 L)

Sound Level: 69 dBA



High Dusting Vacuum Tool Kit

High Dusting Kit

Clean over 20′ above the floor with the Model M-1 Heavy Duty Canister Vacuum.  Designed to clean any surface above the floor.  Includes tools for walls, pipes and more.  Remove the risk of scissor lifts and ladders.

Carpet Vacuuming Cleaning Tools

Tool Kits

All the tools for the Model M-1 Heavy Duty Canister Vacuum are sold separately.  With dozens of tools to choose from, customizing the Model M-1 to your specific needs is easy.  As your needs change, tools can be purchased individually.

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