Wrangler 2625 DB

26" Walk-Behind Scrubber (660 mm)

Improve productivity with NSS’s mid-sized walk behind scrubbers. Perfect for medium and large areas in retail, healthcare, hospitality and light industrial facilities. The Wrangler 2625 DB walk behind scrubber possesses many large scrubber features in a smaller, more maneuverable design.

Exceptional productivity. The 26” scrub deck and 25-gallon solution tank facilitate exceptional productivity with fewer trips to drain and refill the machine.

Built for daily commercial use. The Wrangler 2625’s rugged construction ensures it is ready to work when you need it.

Simple controls. Operated by just a few electrical switches and mechanical levers, custodians can be ready to clean with just a few minutes of training.


Solution Tank: 25 gallons (95 L)

Recovery Tank: 27 gallons (102 L)

Sound Level: 68 dBA



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Sentry Wireless Equipment Monitoring

Sentry helps you optimize productivity by allowing you to remotely monitor your battery powered walk behind scrubber fleet.  Sentry lets you make smarter decisions about maintenance and avoid costly penalties caused by equipment downtime.

Ecostrip Chemical Free Stripping Pads

Ecostrip 400 scrubbing pads have an abrasive diamond coating that lets you deep scrub or damp strip finished VCT tile and Terrazzo floors with just water, leaving a surface that is ready for additional floor finish or burnishing.  The Wrangler 2625 walk behind scrubber’s high pad pressure makes diamond pads a perfect choice.

Sidekick Automatic Chemical Metering

With the Sidekick, you simply install your bottle of chemical on the Wrangler 2625 walk behind scrubber.  The Sidekick adds chemicals to match the dilution ratio you set.

Urethane Squeegee Blades

Urethane Squeegee Blades

Oily soils are notorious for warping rubber squeegee blades, rendering them useless.  Oil resistant, long-lasting, urethane squeegee blades will solve that problem.  Urethane squeegee blades for the Wrangler 2625 walk behind floor scrubber are available through your local distributor.

Auto Fill Battery Maintenance System

Wet Battery Auto-fill Kit

When maintained correctly, wet acid electric batteries are the most cost effective way to power your Wrangler 2625 walk behind scrubber.. Adding an auto-fill kit to your electrical system simplifies battery maintenance and makes it easier to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

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