Electro-Mist 4B

4 Gallon Cordless Electrostatic Disinfectant Sprayer

The Electro-Mist 4B is ideal for spot spraying or wide area disinfectant spraying.  The electrostatic spray wand charges the solution to deliver a consistent spray of disinfectant to the front, back and sides of surfaces.

Disinfectant compatible: The Electro-Mist 4B’s electrostatic spray pattern is compatible with a large number of chemical disinfectants.  Always follow the instructions on the chemical’s label to ensure you are using a disinfectant correctly.  Always follow the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) requirements found on the chemical’s SDS when using the Electro-Mist 4B Electrostatic Sprayer with a disinfectant.

Fast and effective.  This sprayer is perfect for covering large-scale areas quickly.  Because it’s cordless, your staff can disinfect by quickly moving from surface to surface.

Large capacity 4-gallon tank allows for up to 2.5 hours of spray time per tank.

12V maintenance free battery provides up to ten hours of runtime per charge.

Constructed from durable stainless steel and other chemical resistant materials, the Electro-Mist 4B Electrostatic Sprayer is built to endure commercial cleaning environments.

Manufactured in the USA.  The Electro-Mist 4B can be repaired by any local NSS Distributor or Service Center.


If using the Electro-Mist 4B electrostatic sprayer with a disinfectant, be sure to follow the chemical manufacturer’s instructions regarding application, dilution, coverage and dwell time.


Tank Capacity: 4 gallons (15 L)

Coverage per hour*:  Up to 22,500 square feet

Spray Time Per Tank: Up to 2.5 hours

Hose Length:  9 feet (50-foot hose available)

Droplet size:  70 or 100 microns

Sprayer Runtime: Up to 10 hours

Battery: 12V, 12 AH, Sealed AGM Battery

Warranty:  3-Year Limited Warranty

Dimensions: 21 x 14 x 41 in (54 x 36 x 104 cm)

Weight: 54 lbs (24.5 kg)

* Not in reference to contact times.  Follow contact times as shown on the product label.



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50-Foot Extended Reach Hose

Add the 50-foot hose accessory to the Electro-Mist 4B to extend your reach.  Park outside the front door of a school bus and reach all the way to the back seat.  Park in the front of a classroom and reach every high-touch surface.  Great for auditoriums and stadiums.  Park in the aisle and disinfect an entire row of seats.

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