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Pony 20 SCA

Big jobs require big machines. Boost
productivity with the Pony 20 SCA Carpet Cleaner. Extract up to four times faster than a tank extractor. The self-propelled Pony 20 SCA helps your staff stay productive longer, an essential feature for large jobs.

Stallion 818 SC

Designed for medium-sized areas, the
Stallion 818 SC Carpet Cleaner can deep-clean and restore carpet quickly. Improve restorative cleaning productivity with the compact, dependable Stallion 818 SC.

Rally 1200

Clean bathrooms eliminate the opportunity for complaints and create an overall feeling of trust with your company or institution. To completely manage the soil and bacteria that build up in bathrooms, grout cleaning is a must. The Rally 1200 gives you the ability to maintain new tile and improve neglected tile and grout to a like-new condition.

Rally 500H

Rally carpet extractors provide deep
cleaning and versatility. The Rally 500H is a heated, 500 PSI carpet extractor.  Innovative features, like built-in circuit detection, will help your staff make the most of their time.

Rally 220/220H

Rally carpet extractors provide deep
cleaning and versatility.  The Rally 220 is a 220 PSI carpet extractor and has heated and unheated versions. Innovative features, like built-in circuit detection, will help your staff make the most of their time.

Rally 55/55H

Innovative and maneuverable, the Rally 55 and Rally 55H are ideal for cleaning up between scheduled carpet cleanings. The built-in handle makes the Rally 55 easy to transport to a problem area at short notice.

Aero Plus

The three-speed Aero Plus Carpet Dryer from NSS Enterprises accelerates carpet drying time by as much as 50 percent. While carpet cleaning machines remove most of the moisture they put down during cleaning, carpets may still be too damp for immediate traffic. That’s where the Aero Plus can help.
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