Charger 2717 AB/DB

27" Walk Behind Floor Polisher (680 mm)

The Charger 2717 walk behind floor polisher delivers a superior shine by polishing the floor at a high speed with plenty of pad pressure. Use the Charger 2717 after scrubbing to restore the “wet-look” luster of your floor finish.

High performance. The Charger 2717 uses an optimal combination of speed and pressure to quickly restore the luster of floor finish. The powerful motor on the
Charger 2717 floor polisher is perfect for concrete polishing with diamond pads.

Clean operation. The Charger 2717 captures the floor finish powder created during polishing with the efficient Vac-Trac Dust Control System built into the pad motor

The electric advantage, low cost of ownership. Unlike propane burnishers, the Charger 2717 walk behind floor polisher doesn’t need frequent maintenance. Save thousands of dollars of operating costs by avoiding propane fuel costs, oil changes, and other costly repairs.

Two models to fit any application:

Charger 2717 AB – Pad assisted floor polisher.  The pad motor is angled to help pull the machine forward.

Charger 2717 DB – Wheel-drive floor polisher.  A twist grip throttle controls a drive motor, reducing employee fatigue and improving productivity.


Pad Speed: 1700 RPM

Pad Pressure: 80 lbs (36 kg)

Sound Level: 68 dBA



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Sentry Wireless Equipment Monitoring

Sentry helps you optimize productivity by allowing you to remotely monitor your battery powered walk behind floor polisher fleet.  Sentry lets you make smarter decisions about maintenance and avoid costly penalties caused by equipment downtime.

Charger Burnisher Stand-On Sulky Attachment

Sulky Ride-On Attachment

Add the sulky option on the Charger 2022 DB and Charger 2717 DB to add stand-on rider capability to a walk behind floor polisher.  The sulky stows on the handle when not in use.

Auto Fill Battery Maintenance System

Wet Battery Auto-fill Kit

When maintained correctly, wet acid batteries are the most cost effective way to power your walk behind floor polishers. Adding an auto-fill kit to your battery packs simplifies battery maintenance and makes it easier to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

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