Charger 2022 ABLT

20" Walk Behind Floor Polisher (510 mm)

Bring out the luster in your floors with a clean, battery-powered floor polisher. The high-speed electric motor burnishes without the fumes and noise of a propane burnisher.

Propane-like performance. A smart motor controller monitors the battery pack and keeps
the Charger 2022 ABLT floor polisher’s pad speed constant as the batteries wear down.

As you polish the floor, a 99.5% efficient filter bag cleans the air exhausted from the
burnishing shroud. 

The pad driver lifts to allow for simple pad changes from a standing position.

Quiet enough for day time use.


Pad Speed: 2200 RPM

Pad Pressure: 70 lbs (34 kg)

Sound Level: 68 dBA



Sentry Wireless Equipment Monitoring

Sentry helps you optimize productivity by allowing you to remotely monitor your battery powered walk behind floor polisher fleet.  Sentry lets you make smarter decisions about maintenance and avoid costly penalties caused by equipment downtime.

Ecostrip Chemical Free Stripping Pads

Ecostrip 400 scrubbing pads have an abrasive diamond coating that lets you deep scrub or damp strip finished VCT tile and Terrazzo floors with just water, leaving a surface that is ready for additional floor finish or burnishing.  The Charger 2022 ABLT walk behind floor polisher”s  pad pressure makes diamond pads a perfect choice.

Auto Fill Battery Maintenance System

Wet Battery Auto-fill Kit

When maintained correctly, wet acid batteries are the most cost effective way to power your walk behind floor polisher. Adding an auto-fill kit to your battery packs simplifies battery maintenance and makes it easier to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

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