Even after 100 years of business, there is a consistent thread running through everything we do. These fundamental business principles shape our thinking and inform everything we do.

Cleaning machines that work year after year after year

We know our products are more than cleaning machines. They’re your livelihood. Whether you’re a cleaning contractor or a facility manager, you’ve got a job to do and the last thing you need to worry about is malfunctioning equipment. When it comes to durability, “good enough” is just a starting point for NSS Enterprises. From our first product, the Model M-1 vacuum cleaner, to the products we build today, machines that last an exceptionally long time are fundamental to our product line. In a time when cutting corners has become the norm, we have stayed true to our mission to produce problem-free machines.

Putting long-term relationships ahead of short-term gains

Complementing our belief in solidly built equipment, we believe good business comes from solid relationships. When you value long-term relationships, something very interesting happens. Your customers become your advocates. People have an inherent sense of a good deal—when they know they’re being treated fairly, the relationship grows.

Keeping the indoor and outdoor environment clean

Looking back at our history through today’s lens, we came to realize we’ve been on a mission of conservation for a long time. Back in 1911, NSS Enterprises started making a vacuum cleaner that was built to last. Durable and serviceable equipment stays on the job, and out of landfills, longer. Back then, we believed we were creating value through durability. In the 1930s, NSS Enterprises was selling equipment to clean boilers. A clean boiler is more efficient and uses less energy than a dirty boiler. Clearly, NSS Enterprises has a long history of green products and that commitment continues today with more recent innovations such as accessories that allow our scrubbers to strip a floor with little or no chemical involved.

NSS Enterprises, Inc. is a multi-generational family company. From our ISO 9000 registered headquarters and manufacturing facility in Toledo, Ohio, NSS Enterprises ships products to over 60 countries. Over 400 authorized distributors and service centers provide field service in the United States and around the world.

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