Sentry™ Wireless Equipment Monitoring

How does Sentry work?

A circuit board in the machine records information when the machine is being used or being charged and then sends the information to a central database.

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How often does the information get sent to the database?

Information is sent from the machine to the database if one of the following three things occurs:

  1. The machine is used and then sits idle for 30 minutes.
  2. The battery charger is unplugged from the wall.
  3. Between 7:00 AM and 7:30 AM the machine was not used or charged in the previous day.

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Can I use Sentry in an area where I don't ever get cell phone service?

No. There needs to be a cell phone service in the Verizon Wireless network near the machine.

Check the online Verizon Wireless coverage map to see if you have service in your area.

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What happens if I don't have a cell phone signal where the machine is located?

Sentry will store the information collected and then send it the next time it has a cellular signal.

Sentry stores up to 14 days of data. If there is no cell phone signal after 14 days, Sentry will overwrite old data with new data.

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What information does it record?

Check out the Sentry catalog sheet. A complete description of the information collected is listed on the back page.

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How will the activation process work? How does new equipment get added to the system?

After you receive your machine, you will need to register the product at Your data plan will start after you register the machine.

Click on "Registration"

Search for the model of equipment you are activating.

Select the model of equipment from the list.

Complete the registration form. Put the NSS Serial Number of the machine in the "EQ Serial Number" field.

Click on "Save info and register device."

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How do I pay for the cell phone data service?

When you purchase the machine, you also purchase the data service plan from NSS. You can choose one to five years of service at the time of purchase. Once your contract time is up, additional years of service may be purchased.

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How do I check on my machines?

You will log in to to check on your equipment. A link to the login page can be found at

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How does the request for service feature work? Who gets notified when this happens? Is there an automated process to contact people?

When the request for service is pressed, the event is recorded in the database. Optionally, an email can also be sent to the customer's designated email address.

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How much does Sentry cost?

Sentry pricing is in the 2016 price book. Sentry pricing is located after the Charger 2022 ABLT.

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What is ARMOR™ and how is it related to Sentry?

ARMOR is the brand name of the hardware that transmits the data. Sentry is NSS's brand name for wireless equipment monitoring. A good analogy is a laptop computer, which might be branded as Dell, but the processor is branded by Intel.

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Is Sentry available everywhere?

No. Sentry is currently only available in the continental United States, in areas covered by the Verizon Wireless network.

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