TWISTER Diamond Cleaning System

TWISTERTWISTER is a revolutionary system that transforms dull terrazzo, natural stone, and polished concrete into glossy, brightly polished floors. For ongoing maintenance, TWISTER pads are used with TWISTER CLEANER in a wet, low-speed process. For periodic restoration, TWISTER also works in a high-speed, dry process.

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Works Better Than Current Methods!

Why is the TWISTER system better than current cleaning methods? Right now, the accepted procedure for cleaning terrazzo, natural stone and polished concrete has been to use a diamond disk powder or chemical process. There are several drawbacks to this system. This procedure removes the floor from operation for the duration of the cleaning process. It is a labor intensive system that requires specialized knowledge and equipment. It leaves the waste disposal issue of the acidic slurry recovered at the conclusion of this operation.

The TWISTER system has no such problems. This process can be accomplished by using NSS machines in conjunction with TWISTER pads and CLEANER in the same way that each machine is currently used for cleaning floors. No specialized knowledge, no toxic waste disposal, no unproductive labor issues. And the shine is better!


3 Easy Steps!

Using the white TWISTER pad and the correct dilution of TWISTER CLEANER, deep clean the floor, and remove smaller scratches from its surface. The result is a clean and uniform surface ready for the polishing step.
Now use the yellow TWISTER pad and TWISTER CLEANER to begin polishing the surface. You will begin to see the potential luster of your floor.
Finish with the green TWISTER pad and TWISTER CLEANER to bring out the full brilliant shine of your floor. Thanks to TWISTER's flexibility and composition, your pad will clean down into the grout lines and irregularities to deliver unsurpassed results.


Optimize Your TWISTER Process!

The TWISTER system, using NSS machines can be broken down into two major cleaning methods.

The first is a low-speed process that utilizes NSS equipment in combination with the TWISTER pads and TWISTER CLEANER. This process features the surface being cleaned numerous times with each pad, first white, then yellow, followed by green. Depending on the condition of the surface, this three-step process may take 5 to 10 cleanings with each pad. The NSS machines approved for this cleaning process are:

Champ 3529 Champ 2929
Wrangler 3330 DB Wrangler 2730 DB
Wrangler 2625 DB Wrangler 2016 DB
Maverick 300  

The second process is a quicker, dry method that utilizes the NSS high-speed burnishing machines. This concentrated procedure includes the same three step process, but can be accomplished much quicker by using each pad just once or twice. NSS machines recommended for this procedure are:

Charger 2717 DB Charger 2025 DB/AB
Charger 1500 Charger 2022 DB/AB