Rally 1200

Rally 1200

12-Gallon Dual Surface Cleaner

Powered by a 1200 PSI pump, the Rally 1200 has all the power needed to clean tile and grout. Attach the Hard Surface Cleaning Tool and two jets of water blast away the toughest soils from hard floors.

Reduce the pressure to 500 PSI, attach a carpet wand and the Rally 1200 becomes a powerful cold water carpet restoration machine.

    • Two streams of 1200 PSI water turn the spray bar at up to 1400 RPM, providing consistent cleaning, even in the grout lines.
    • Two 3/4 inch garden hose fittings allow for auto-fill and auto-dump of the solution water, increasing productivity and eliminating trips to the sink to fill or drain the machine.
    • A circuit locator with an audible notification tone makes finding two independent circuits quick and easy.




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