Burnishers - Cord Electric

NSS cord-electric burnishers produce a high-gloss shine and are built to last for years to come.

All NSS cord-electric burnishers have a powerful 1.5 HP motor and a built-in pad driver for smooth, balanced, and safe operation. Each is designed for quiet performance, operator comfort, and simple usage. The Flexiwall shield controls dust while preventing the cord and debris from contacting the rotating pad. And the standard safety lockout mechanism helps prevent accidental or unauthorized use.

The brilliant finish from the ultra-high-speed Charger 2500 is comparable to that produced by big battery machines. The Charger 1500—a signature machine in the NSS line—is unmatched for its durability and versatility. Its 7-year warranty testifies to those qualities. The Mustang 1500 and Mustang 1500 Vac-Trac are outstanding performers, and outstanding values.

Champ 3529

Charger 1500
20" cord-electric burnisher

Wrangler 2625 DB

Charger 2500
20" cord-electric burnisher

Champ 2929

Mustang 1500
20" cord-electric burnisher

Wrangler 2016

Mustang 1500 Vac-Trac
20" cord-electric burnisher

Galaxy 1500 Galaxy 1500
20" cord-electric burnisher