To size an automatic scrubber, you'll need some basic information:

  1. How much square footage do you need to clean?
  2. How many hours are available for floor cleaning--and what do those hours cost you in labor?
  3. What is the configuration of the area you will be cleaning?
  4. Will your operator be negotiating tight or congested areas, or is your facility open?

Three principles apply:

  • Total Area. The more square footage you have to clean, the more economical a large automatic scrubber will be. Because a large machine cleans more floor between charges, and more per hour of labor. When possible, use the floor tiles as an aid for calculating area.
  • Space configuration. Tight turns and narrow aisles require a smaller, more navigable machine.
  • Number of crews. A machine cannot operate in two places at once. If you employ crews that work simultaneously, calculate the cleanable surface covered by each crew.

Figure 1: Average Square Footage Covered per Hour Worked
Average Square Footage per Hour Worked

Figure 2: Generally Recommended Cleaning Area
Recommended Cleaning Area