ProFixx E-Service Manual

ProFixxWe believe our new NSS PRO FIXX electronic service manual is significantly better than the industry's standard disc-based service support system.

For one reason, PRO FIXX possesses superior search capabilities. It permits simple keyword searches to find any part, resource or web link, and then offers a choice from a list of all possible matches by double-clicking to view.

Then the PRO FIXX system will automatically scroll to the requested part on the appropriate schematic. Further, it will remember the settings preferences from the last use, so it is self-customizing.

PRO FIXX, besides being better, is also more affordable. Subscription to our program -- with updates quarterly -- is $149 a year. That’s nearly $100 less than the comparable fee for the competing system.

The PRO FIXX programming language is ‘html’, so our system will be more compatible with the World Wide Web -- a big consideration in the very near future.

And, finally, we feel our system’s screen pages are clearer and easier to read than the competitions'.

PRO FIXX is one of so many instances in which we're striving to provide more than our customers expect.