Applications: Contractor

ContractorWe understand contractors, their needs, and their businesses--and we wrap our capabilities around them.

Take our Hop-2 Order Expediting process. When an order is put on Hop-2 status, it means we track it every step of the way. And we do whatever we have to do to make sure it leaves our facility on time--so you get it at your start-up location when you need it. Because we know a week late...a day hour late...just doesn't cut it when you need to impress a new customer.

Also, we don't change our machine designs every year or two. We'd rather put our resources toward making sure our equipment will stand up to real-world issues.

Which is why NSS machines are not shaped like sports cars, bullets, or teardrops. In fact, we don't even test them in wind tunnels, because--frankly--their top speed is only about 5 miles per hour.

Recommended equipment: