Machine Design

The NSS Way of Machine DesignComplex machines may look great out of the box, but they almost always require more intensive training and more frequent service. There is, to put it bluntly, more to get wrong -- and more to go wrong -- on a complex machine.

At NSS, we subscribe to a philosophy of durable simplicity. We always strive to design a product as a unit, so that the parts all work together with efficiency, utility and grace.

There are countless examples we could point to. Here is just one:

Our automatic scrubbers feature a fail-safe "percolator" shut-off that utilizes a hollow-ball float to prevent the recovery tanks from overflowing into the units' vacuum motors. Contrast this with the corresponding device many of our competitors use -- a Styrofoam float attached to a metal lever. If the float falls off, or the lever freezes due to corrosion or a buildup of cleaning chemicals, an expensive failure can result.

An industry audit has shown our machines incorporate an average of 30 percent fewer parts than our competitors' products. Which means 30 percent less chance of expensive repairs -- and of course less downtime.

Now, this simplicity of design isn't easy to achieve -- just ask our competition.

But our engineers are committed to a hands-on approach, handling, running and maintaining the equipment themselves so they know the problems the operators face.

And we don't rush new designs to market. In fact, we don't re-introduce new products on any specific timetable, preferring to redesign in response to real and tangible technical advances, not just a calendar date.

This helps our customers achieve major savings on inventory and re-training. And it insures that NSS equipment will all be carefully conceived.