Looking Back

NSS Enterprises, Inc., is a nearly century-old Ohio firm which produces a complete line of floor care equipment.

Our origins lie in the former Bissell Manufacturing Company, which manufactured automotive components for the Ford Motor Company. In 1911, recognizing an opportunity to expand beyond the automotive market, a Bissell executive, Julius Bevington, decided to begin producing vacuum motors for a variety of industrial applications.

In the 1920’s Julius reached agreement with the Bissell Company to acquire the vacuum portion of the business, renaming it the National Super Suction Company.In time, Julius and his new NSS revolutionized vacuum cleaner technology, introducing the forerunner of our legendary M-1 "Pig" Canister Vacuum in 1940.

With the onset of World War II, NSS switched over to wartime production -- along with most of the rest of America's manufacturing base -- assembling commutators for U.S. aircraft and tanks. The end of the war found Julius, and his son John, busy pioneering hard-floor machine technology, the perfect complement to their vacuum cleaner business.

In 1947, we introduced the first internal by-pass motor for wet/dry vac's. Until then, using a vacuum to suction water was more than dangerous, it was foolhardy.

The cold-water extractor was also an NSS innovation back in 1972. It was made possible by stacking vacuum motors, thus increasing the machine's ability to lift water out of carpets.

In 1976, we became the first full-line manufacturer to offer a propane-powered buffing machine. And the following year, we virtually re-invented floor care technology once again when we introduced the first high-speed cord electric machine. The rest of the industry raced to catch up, creating floor pads and finishes to meet the demand for the new, highly desirable "wet look" shine.

In 1984, NSS pioneered the use of rotomolded polyethylene for machine bodies. Now, of course, rotomolded poly is the industry standard for large scrubbers, sweepers and burnishers of all types. And just this year, we introduced the industry's first 27" walk-behind battery-powered burnisher, our Ultra Maxx, as we re-energize our product development effort.

Mark Bevington acquired NSS in May 1999 -- becoming the third generation of his family to serve as principal. This level of stability is rare in businesses these days -- and totally unheard of in the floor care equipment industry.