The Legendary 'Pig'

Our Legendary 'Pig'NSS is the author of one of the greatest success stories in the history of American manufacturing. In 1940, we introduced the first version of the famous "Pig" vacuum cleaner -- a precursor of the present M-1.

Its design was revolutionary. The motor was securely fastened inside a large cast-alloy body which was nearly indestructible. A "trap" in the front of the machine prevented heavy objects from being pulled through the fan -- which meant far greater durability. And the motor design and assembly -- which we continue to monitor closely ourselves -- were of such high quality that often the motors ran for several decades without replacement.

Indeed, in 1995, we actually found one of those early "Pig" units still being used in a movie theater in Indianapolis -- fully 50 years after it had been sold. And this machine had not been treated like an antique; all that time it had been sucking up popcorn and Jujube boxes from beneath the seats.

Who knows how many more ancient "Pigs" might be still working out thereā€¦

Now, this story is more than a quaint subchapter in the tale of American manufacturing might. For us at NSS, it is the paradigm to which we continue to aspire: To provide the best-conceived, best-designed, best-manufactured cleaning equipment in the industry.

We sincerely believe that our best ideas -- and our greatest glories -- are ahead of us.

And we're proud--because when you consider the great glories of our past, that's saying an awful lot.